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she said you can always find a space in my parking lot

if you need a little coke and sympathy

held together by spit and coffee
11 May 1991
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Once upon a time, Olivia was a sweet young thing who wanted to be Rita Hayworth. Now she wants to be Lauren Bacall. Her life revolves around writing, the theatre, and wasting her time on movie trivia. She made her acting debut at the age of six as a salamander with a hero complex; to date her onstage antics include throwing up into a toilet bowl, being blind and deaf, breaking the space-time continuum, falling out of a wardrobe dead, getting married, decimating zombies with an umbrella, and speaking Latvian. It is her life-long dream to play a femme fatale. She's not quite there yet.

She likes cult references, French literature and Regina Spektor. She cuts regularly with a penknife. Not herself. Pieces of paper, mostly. And potato chip packets.
adrien brody, aerosmith, after math, alessandro baricco, alexis denisof, aliens, amelia peabody, anais nin, angel, anne rice, antonio banderas, artemis fowl, bandwagon, bigby wolf, black ribboners, black russians, bones, brick, broadway, cabaret, captain jack sparrow, cate blanchett, catherine zeta-jones, cats, cell block tango, chicago!, christopher nolan, chunky tofu, cleopatra, clive owen, closer, coffee, cyd charisse, dashiell hammett, david tennant, desperado, discworld, doctor who, donnie yen, e. e. cummings, egyptology, el mariachi, elvish, eowyn, eponine, fables, felix phoenix, femmes fatales, film noir, firefly, flapper girls, fred burkle, freddie mercury, french, gabriel garcia marquez, generation kill, glee, grindhouse, hanakimi, hatshepsut, holly short, hua yang nian hua, humphrey bogart, inglourious basterds, interview with the vampire, irish mythology, jack driscoll, james m. cain, johnny depp, joseph gordon-levitt, kahlua, kill bill, king kong, knitting, la vie boheme, lady marmalade, lauren bacall, les miserables, leslie howard, leverage, liv tyler, lord of the rings, love actually, macchiato, maladict, marquis de carabas, masquerades, monstrous regiment, nectarines, neverwhere, noir, ocean's eleven, olives, otto chriek, ouatim, paris je t'aime, penelope cruz, penknives, peter jackson, pirates of the caribbean, project runway, pulp fiction, queen, quentin tarantino, quenya, quick and the dead, raymond chandler, regina spektor, rent, rita hayworth, river tam, roaring twenties, robert rodriguez, rosario dawson, rum, sacharissa cripslock, sandman, serenity, sethos, sheldon jeffrey sands, sherlock holmes, sin city, singin' in the rain, snow white, southern comfort, spanish, start wearing purple, stubs, sytycd, t. s. eliot, terry pratchett, the maltese falcon, the vampire chronicles, tolkien, tori amos, true blood, v for vendetta, vampires, van helsing, venice, victoriana, wesley wyndham-pryce, wicked, wuxiaxiaoshuo, yesterday my classmate died, yvonne yee, zombie apocalypse